Sach Bharat Samman

Organization registered in India and have completed two years of operation are eligible to nominate themselves.

Please nominate your organisation in the relevant segment based on Revenue of Financial Year 2015-16 (In   ) More than  500 crores   Between   250 – 500 crores Less than   250 crores

Evaluation criteria


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Email the scanned copy of the completed, signed and stamped form in pdf format to: & by latest November 30, 2016.

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Devotion & Righteousness at work

The organizations’ which act responsibly and have imbibed devotion & righteousness in their sub-consciousness for all stakeholders within the organization.

Self Governance

Organizations’ demonstrating Spirituality through the implementation of the true ‘Spirit of Self’ within the organization and towards its stakeholders.

Growth & Welfare of all

How organizations have moved towards generating growth and achieving a sustainable benefit for the society by following the principles of cooperative co-existence and interdependence.

Simplicity & Austerity at work

The extent to which the organization has imbibed the values of good and simple actions to enhance an austere environment in society.

The evaluation process will be managed by Ernst and Young.

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